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Are your masks folded or cup style?2021-01-14T01:20:24-04:00

Our masks are folded, and do not have embedded respirators. Here’s why: Folded-style masks have been proven through numerous, rigorous research studies to fit better than cup-style masks. This means that folded-style masks provide superior protection for the greatest number of people.

Are your masks available to the public as well as healthcare and essential workers?2021-01-12T03:47:27-04:00

Yes. Hudson Valley Mask Company has a mission to provide PPE for all who need it. We provide masks to the general public, to small medical practices and businesses, as well as to larger medical and industrial companies.

Why do you use Italian fabrics in your masks?2021-03-04T20:33:11-04:00

We are very proud to have established our manufacturing facility in Newburgh, NY, and to source many raw materials for our masks in the USA. Because we set out to make the best mask possible, our sourcing decisions were led by quality first and foremost. Extensive research led us to find the very best fabrics for our masks in Milan, Italy – a city long-known for excellence in textiles of all kinds.

We use two fabrics in each mask: Spunbond and Meltblown. Our outer Spunbond layers are lightweight, silky-soft, and offers fluid resistance (an important aspect of protection provided by our masks). Our double inner Meltblown filtering layers are truly unique. Our Meltblown is created using a patented process that ensures that every square inch of the fabric filters evenly. Combined, they make an airy, light, comfortable and powerful piece of PPE. Learn more about our fabrics.

Do you offer Wholesale discounts?2021-01-12T03:53:58-04:00

Yes, we do. Please contact us through our Wholesale Inquiry page and we will be in touch shortly.

Are your masks NIOSH Approved?2021-02-08T10:47:24-04:00

No, our masks are non-medical face masks, made using fabrics that filter 99% of particles. We are currently developing systems and processes to secure NIOSH and FDA registration to obtain N95 approval. Interested in being kept in the loop? Join our newsletter.

Can I be placed on a waiting list for N95 masks?2021-03-04T20:31:51-04:00

Absolutely. If you are solely interested in purchasing N95 masks, contact us to be placed on our waiting list.

When will your masks be available?2021-02-22T13:54:03-04:00

We are currently fulfilling orders for our non-medical, double filter face masks. You can order our masks if you are an essential worker, small business owner, or member of the public, or contact us learn more about our wholesale offerings. And if you’d like to follow our progress as we develop systems and processes to secure NIOSH and FDA registration to obtain N95 approval you can do so by joining our newsletter.

What tests have been performed on your masks?2021-01-26T03:49:47-04:00

Several independent tests have been performed on the fabrics we use to make our masks. We have received the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification for our fabrics, which ensures our fabrics are free from toxins or other harmful substances. View our OEKO-TEX certification. Our meltblown filtration fabric has also been tested for performance in an independent lab. View lab results here. Our masks have been submitted for independent tests and we are awaiting those results.

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